Chicago C4D Meet-up

Special thanks to Chris Schmidt & Jack Bransfield, leaders of the Chicago C4D users group for asking us to host the August meet-up.  Over 70 C4D fanatics attended our event, led by Creative Director Donnie Bauer and animator Luis Mayorga.  

Donnie & Luis gave the audience a tour of two projects, Shedd Aquarium "Feel the Wonder" and BlueCross BlueShield "Life."  For the Shedd project, the emphasis was on Luis' custom rigging techniques for the animals.  For BCBS we showcased the entire process from concept to finish, with a focus on Cinema's easy-to-use splines and deformers.

Extra special thanks:

We couldn't have had such a successful event without the support of the client service team from Optimus, led by Kaitlyn Lanegan.  We're also grateful for the turntable work of Marko Markewycz, VFX artist, painter, and vinyl enthusiast.