GERTRUDE - Brand Video

GERTRUDE’s brand new website and brand films showcase historic images of some of the world’s leading creative minds coinciding with shared philosophies that speak to the agency’s strong foundation in innovation. Among the famous faces, we see the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, a man who looked to the future in creating some of the world’s most inspiring architecture, and Ray Eames, who along with her husband, Charles, led the way in redefining the relationship between aesthetic and function in design. These are some of the innovative thinkers that inspire the work that GERTRUDE creates, and the types of minds that fill the agency space.

Keeping true to the agency’s mission “BUILDING STRONGER BRANDS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW,” GERTRUDE has entered its ninth year by expanding and focusing on the agency’s expertise in advertising and marketing innovation—including the GERTRUDE brand. This evolution comes full fold with a brand new agency space, updated website, a series of brand films, and of course, new clients.


Optimus Design

Design & Animation: Mark Butchko
ECD: Mike Ciacciarelli

Music: Marina Bacci


Founder, Chief Creative Officer: Otis Gibson
President: Heather Knapp

Future Perfect Music

EP/Partner: Maxwell Gosling
Composer: The Caretaker