The Pitchfork Review:

The Pitchfork Review is a quarterly print publication of long-form feature stories, photography, design, cartoons and other ephemera. The amazing team at Pitchfork Media gave us free reign to craft something special for their first advertisement of The Pitchfork Review. Inspired by idolatry and surrealist art we created this tour of dreamlike landscapes revealing small glimpses of TPR's featured articles. The sound design was created to be hypnotic, alluring, and at the same time unsettling. The result is bizarre yet inviting, something both past and present. We believe that our extended cut could quite possibly induce a state of "open trance" where your subconscious will be free of your conscious mind. Check back for developments. 


Festival Trailer:

Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Design & Animation: Mark Butchko

Pitchfork Review:

Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Design: Donnie Bauer
CGI: Luis Mayorga, Donnie Bauer
Animation: Donnie Bauer, Luis Mayorga
Design Assistants: Brad Cannady, Jeff Franko
Sound Design: Marina Bacci 

Pitchfork Media

Creative Director: Michael Renaud

Music (Trailer): Giorgio Moroder