Tiki - The Power Down Initiative - "Hours"

Have you ever wondered how much of your life is dedicated to looking at your smart device? Tiki has crunched the numbers, find out here just how many hours you'll spend on your phone in your life time. This summer Tiki challenges everyone to 'power down' for one night and rethink what it means to connect. At Optimus Design we used a combination of live-action footage and CGI to take the viewer through a cold, icy, tech space and into a warm, natural landscape where the Tiki's flame is the centerpiece.

Behind the Scenes:

Shooting Board for "Trade"

Shooting Board for "Hours"


Director: Donnie Bauer
Executive Producer: Jon Desir
CGI: Luis Mayorga, Donnie Bauer
Compositing: Donnie Bauer, Jeff McBride
Previs: Sunmin Park
Editors: Donnie Bauer, David Burkart
Audio: Ben Treimer
Finish: Jim Moss