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American Girl

American Girl - “Share Your Story”


The American Girl brand loves the idea of "story." For each little girl and her doll there is a bond that's formed and a story that's written. Our goal was to tell just a few of these stories through the combination of photography and animation. As we navigate this scrapbook full of snapshots and doodles, we catch a glimpse of each girl's unique relationship to her American Girl doll.


Initial Illustrations:





Optimus Design

Director: Donnie Bauer

ECD: Mike Ciacciarelli
Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Executive Producer: Jon Desir
Design: Mark Butchko, Mike Ciacciarelli, Donnie Bauer
Illustration: Katrina Zimmerman, Sunmin Park, Mark Butchko
Animation: Donnie Bauer, Katrina Zimmerman, Sunmin Park, Mark Butchko
CGI: Donnie Bauer, Luis Mayorga, Mike KGB Kislovsky


Editor: Ben Winter
Audio Engineer: Joel Anderson