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Payless-Last Minute Sale

Payless - “Last Minute Sale”


This holiday season we had the pleasure of working direct with Payless on this super cute broadcast spot. We were tasked with illustrating and designing every aspect of this commercial. We worked closely with Payless to dial up the perfect trio of elves and put them into a proper workshop. We used 2D, 3D, and hand-drawn animation techniques to bring this spot to life. We are so pleased with the end result. We only wish this commercial was longer!








Optimus Design

Animation Director: Donnie Bauer

EP: Jon Desir
Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Illustration: Sunmin Park, Katrina Zimmerman
Design: Sunmin Park, Donnie Bauer
Animation: Katrina Zimmerman, Sunmin Park
Compositing: Donnie Bauer


Editor: Ruben Vela
Cleanup/Roto: Glen Noren

One at Optimus

Live-Action Director: Michael Chaves