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Payless-Memorial Day

Payless - “Memorial 5-Day Sale”


Woohoo! Our 4th installment of the Payless 5 Day Sale is here! This time, complete with all the trimmings and frills fit for Memorial Day. We ramped up the fun factor by putting Mom right in the middle of all the action; catching a frisbee from Junior, a slight tug-of-war with her pup, and capped off with a four-person tandem bike ride to her nearest Payless store. Watch out for the fireworks overhead Mom!

Our team here at Optimus Design crafted most of the animated pieces by hand either in Photoshop or Flash. For the more dimensional pieces we leaned on our dear friend C4D. In the end, everything was composited with the live action in After Effects.



Behind the Scenes:





Optimus Design

Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
ECD: Mike Ciacciarelli
EP: Jon Desir

Design: Donnie Bauer
Animation: Katrina Zimmerman, Donnie Bauer, Luis Mayorga, Mark Butchko, Jeff McBride, Ben Christie
CGI: Luis Mayorga, Donnie Bauer
Cleanup/Roto: Glen Noren, Mike Ciacciarelli, Brad Cannady
Product Shoot: Luis Mayorga, Donnie Bauer

Illustration: Donnie Bauer, Jesse HoraAlyssa GrenningKatrina Zimmerman


Live Action Editor: Craig Lewandowski

One at Optimus

Live-Action Director: Michael Chaves