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Shedd Amphibians

Shedd Aquarium - “Amphibians!”

This is our third round of commercial work that we've had the pleasure of producing for Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.  In the past, we've featured dolphins, penguins, belugas, and stingrays... this spring it's all about their latest exhibit,  Amphibians! 

Director's Cut:


We were so happy to have the opportunity to work closely with the Aquarium to properly hype this event.  We shot footage of nearly 20 different Amphibian species, including a Giant Japanese Salamander!  We then placed our little vertebrate friends in a lush environment and punctuated the peculiar nature of each animal's personality through animated type and smart graphic design.


On-Air Version:


We shot inside of the holding area underneath the aquarium.   Each of our "characters" brought their own personality to the shoot.  Some of the little guys (and they were very little) were happy to jump, others needed a little nudge.  We're grateful to the handlers from the Aquarium for their quick hands when these guys tried to hop or crawl away!



Behind the Scenes:





Optimus Design

Director: Donnie Bauer
DP: Chris Vanderwall
ECD: Mike Ciacciarelli
Managing Director: Gretchen Praeger
Producer: Katie Smith

Design: Donnie Bauer
Animation:  Luis Mayorga, Tyler Nelson, Sunmin Park
CGI: Luis Mayorga
Compositing: Donnie Bauer, Mike Ciacciarelli
Edit: Donnie Bauer
Cleanup: Luis Mayorga, Brad Cannady, Donnie Bauer, Mike Ciacciarelli


Color: Jeff Greco, Ken Wald, Donnie Bauer
Audio Engineer: Marina Bacci
Music (On-Air Version): Scott Lamps
Music (Dir. Cut): Asche & Spencer
Finish: Matt Bregger

Shedd Aquarium

Director of Media Design: Amanda Enser
Assistant Director of Media Design: Inga Mesker
Director of Marketing: Tynnetta Qaiyim
Art Director: Andy Park
Videographer: Sam Cejtin