Optimus Design
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Blue Cross Blue Shield

BlueCross BlueShield - “Complex” 


The variety of Medicare options for people over 65 is daunting.  BlueCross BlueShield needed a way to explain that there is a simpler way, a place that helps you choose the right path.  Teaming up with hyconnect again allowed us to use a strict color palette and clean visuals to pull the viewer down a hall of choices to a door that has the answer.

After a few rounds of treatments, we settled on a textured watercolor paper look and began rebuilding the elements in C4D and After Effects.  Below are some of our final storyboards as well as a few early style frames that didn’t make the final cut.  







Optimus Design

EP: Jon Desir
ECD: Mike Ciacciarelli

Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Design and Animation: Tyler Nelson

Design Assistant: Sunmin Park

Concept Art: Tyler Nelson, Katrina Zimmerman

Edit: Tyler Nelson
Assistant Editor: Ben Winter

Online/Finishing: Ed Nichols




HY Connect

VP Account Director: Brad Most
Associate Creative Director: Brian Colbert
Producer: Treavor Doherty
Account Supervisor: Kristina Musial

Chicago Recording Company

Audio Engineer: Eric Cauwels
Sound Design: Eric Cauwels
CRC Producer: Rose Razal