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Dove Chocolate

Dove Chocolate - “From Bean to Bar”


Learn how Dove Chocolate harvests their cocoa and, together with CARE International, gives back to the farming communities of the Ivory Coast. Not only is Dove passionate about sustainable farming practices but they care about the livelihood of the farmers and their families. A higher quality of life leads to the highest quality of chocolate.

At Optimus Design, we were responsible for the entire look development process and, of course, executing the animation. We created pencil sketches, character illustrations, landscape design, and 2d/3d animation, and this piece was shown at the 2016 CARE National Conference in Washington, DC



“Choose Pleasure with Purpose”






Behind the Scenes:




Creative Direction - Mike Ciacciarelli, Mark Butchko
Scene Design & Animation - Mark Butchko, Tyler Nelson, Zach Landua, Matt Butler, Mike Ciacciarelli
Character Illustration - Sunmin Park, Angela Chong
CGI simulation and dynamics - Brad Cannady, Luis Mayorga
Producer - Katie Smith
Original Music:  Hoffman Sound