Optimus Design


Henry’s Hard Soda

Henry’s Hard Sparkling soda is light, low-carb and absolutely delicious! We worked with the talented folks at Mekanism as well as our production team to capture these floating elements individually. The glasses and bottles were rigged with wires and shot practically while the ingredients were propped up and photographed as still images.

Once we got our hands on the footage, we did the wire-removal and added some subtle motion to the fruit photography. The only element that was added digitally for both spots was the coaster that slowly lifts from the surface. Enjoy!





Shot Elements






Edit: Ruben Vela
Edit Assist: Tony LaRocca
Audio Engineer: Marina Killion
Finish:  Glen Noren

Optimus Design

Executive Producer: Jon Desir
Creative Director: Mark Butchko
Comping/Animation: Tyler Nelson
Wire Removal: Glen Noren