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Lil Bub

“Lil Bub's Special Special”

Once again we've teamed up with internet sensation Lil Bub, this time for a half hour special airing on the cable network Animal Planet (Buy it here!). The program needed a cute and intriguing opening title sequence that would draw in Animal Planet viewers that my have had no prior exposure to the phenomenon that is Lil Bub. Fortunately, the music track written and performed by the show's creators was all we needed to inspire us to come up with the look and feel of the piece.

Based on the great working relationship we've had in the past (see below), they gave us total creative freedom to design everything about it, including the logo and type design. 


“Lil Bub's Big Show”

In the summer of 2011, Mike Bridavsky began posting pictures and videos of his peculiar cat on Tumblr. Once Reddit got a hold of it, an internet phenomenon was born.

Along with a feature length documentary by Vice and a recently released book, the cat known as Lil Bub now has her very own internet talk show. Directors Mark & Amanda approached us about giving the show the epic and eye-popping opening it deserved.


Good job, Bub.

Stylistically influenced by vintage sci-fi book covers and old children's encyclopedias, the opening tells the magical story of Lil Bub's journey to our humble planet. Topped off with a narration by the legendary Bill Kurtis, the result is perhaps the greatest show opening ever … for an internet talk show hosted by a cat.






Producer: Katie Smith

Audio Mix: Marina Bacci

Music: Mark Pallman & Mike Bridavsky

Narration: Bill Kurtis

Optimus Design

Lil's Bub's Special Special:

Art Direction, Design, & Animation: Mark Butchko
EP: Jon Desir

Lil Bub's Big Show:

Art Direction, Design, & Animation: Mark Butchko
EP: Jon Desir

3D Lead: Mark Walczak

3D Modeling: Mark Walczak, Patrick Coleman, Mark Butchko

Animation: Mark Butchko,  Jason Oberg, Mark Walczak

Color Correction: Donnie Bauer

Retouching: Patrick Coleman, Paul Rosckes