Optimus Design

Emporium Arcade Bar

Emporium Arcade Bar - “8-Bit Promos”

Emporium is a local Chicago "Arcade Bar" where people can play classic, vintage arcade games while knocking back a few cold ones. The team over at Ogilvy were big fans of the place and decided to develop a print campaign to help the Emporium promote itself throughout the city. Hoping to build on the enthusiasm the print campaign generated, Ogilvy came to us to create 6 animated pieces that would be used to further promote the bar online. Of course we were thrilled to get the chance do to some authentic, retro video game animations all in the name of promoting a great local business.


Armed with 6 simple, yet charming scripts from the agency, we got to work illustrating 8-bit alcoholic beverages and creating 6 different logo treatments that would give each animation its own unique game "title screen." Then, with the help of hours of gaming "research," we were able to bring it all to life by animating the spots with as much authentic vintage arcade style as possible.





Optimus Design

Illustration & Design: Mark Butchko
Animation: Mark Butchko, Tyler Nelson

Music: Mark Pallman, Donnie Bauer
Sound Design: Ben Treimer


CD/Copywriter: Andrew Gall
CD/Art Director: Vince Soliven
GCD/Art Director: Chris Turner
GCD: Dave Metcalf